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Originally called Manavon, Phoenixville was first settled in 1732 and was incorporated as a borough by 1849. Phoenixville was very important as a manufacturing center and was the site of iron and steel mills, and many other factories through out history. The first ever nail factory in the U.S. was established in Phoenixville in 1790. The company eventually became a steel company  since the industrial revolution was starting to take off. Phoenixville is also famous for being the set for the movie “The Blob” and the old Colonial theater.

Your Chester or Phoenixville Underage Drinking citation will be heard before a Magisterial District Justice.  At that hearing the officer can present testimony which we can attack in many circumstances.  In many cases, after speaking with the officer and the judge, a trial may not be necessary to have the charges dismissed.  You may be able to complete some community service and attend a class for reduced charges which often times aren’t even criminal.  You need an experienced, aggressive attorney to help you with your Underage Drinking citation in Phoenixville.

Specializing in DUI and Underage Defense in Phoenixville

Ryan Hyde Law is a criminal defense Attorney serving Phoenixville, PA. We utilize a variety of tactics to help defend crimes such as Domestic violence, White Collar Crime, Traffic Violations and many more. Our main goal is to ensure that residents of Phoenixville receive a fair trial and have their rights defended.

White collar criminal cases encompass a broad spectrum of criminal activity, often described as any non-violent crime committed in the workplace by professionals for personal financial gain.  While these alleged crimes are committed by professionals, the penalties are often more severe, including jail time and fines. Effective representation in these cases requires the retention of attorneys familiar with the nuances and defenses available to avoid prosecution and, where required, to defend against charges brought in these matters.