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Being accused of a White Collar Crime in Coatesville Pennsylvania can be devastating to a firm or to the reputation of a professional.  Your good name, the goodwill your company has built within the community, can all be ruined with the simple allegation of business misconduct.  Additionally, often the media begins the process of public shaming before the case has even been charged.  Even the allegation of business conduct makes it difficult to recover clients and customers.

White collar criminal cases encompass a broad spectrum of criminal activity, often described as any non-violent crime committed in the workplace by professionals for personal financial gain.  While these alleged crimes are committed by professionals, the penalties are often more severe, including jail time and fines. Effective representation in these cases requires the retention of attorneys familiar with the nuances and defenses available to avoid prosecution and, where required, to defend against charges brought in these matters.

Effective legal representation begins well before the criminal charges are filed against you.  You need an attorney with experience in conducting these types of investigations to intervene with the authorities on your behalf.  Often times, early and effective representation can lead the government to file reduced charges, or in some cases to not even charge at all.  You need an experienced and aggressive attorney who is familiar with both how these cases are investigated and how to conduct a trial if an alternative can not be found.

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As a former white collar crime prosecutor Ryan Hyde has experience in the investigation and prosecution of all manner of fraud, including securities fraud, political corruption, money laundering, and workplace theft.  Mr. Hyde lectured to law enforcement and other prosecutors on how to effectively prepare these types of cases.  As a criminal defense attorney Hyde has defended persons charged with substantial work place thefts and money laundering.  The Law Offices of Ryan L. Hyde has the resources, the experience and the skills to handle large, complex cases involving government agencies and substantial financial transactions.  You need an experienced and aggressive attorney to protect your rights, to protect your reputation.

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