Drug Trafficking

You are sitting home with your family when there is a knock on your door. The next thing you know you are handcuffed sitting at the kitchen table with your family while the police go through your most private possessions. You feel powerless, you are afraid for your family, and worse now what is going to happen to you.


Chester, Montgomery and Bucks County law enforcement officials are cracking down on the delivery of drugs in their counties. Using aggressive civil forfeiture laws to take citizens homes, vehicles and money to further their causes. Worse, delivery of a controlled substance in Chester, Montgomery, or Bucks county often calls for a long jail sentence and fines.




An allegation of Delivery of a Controlled substance should not be taken lightly. Attorney Hyde will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case, including witnesses, confidential informants, as well as analyze the drug lab and results used against you. We will scrutinize the behavior of the arresting officers to determine whether they violated the law, and whether evidence can be suppressed because your Rights were violated. We develop a strategic approach tailored to the unique facts of your case. More importantly we will take your case to trial if the Commonwealth will not engage in acceptable negotiations.

Experienced and Aggressive Chester and Montgomery County drug defense.

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