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Chadds Ford is a township in Delaware County, PA with a population of roughly 3600 residents. Chadds Ford is famous for being the home of the Wyeth Family, which is a family of painters. They are famous for painting a variety of different scenes but most notable for NC Wyeth illustrating the novels Treasure Island.

The Law Offices of Ryan L. Hyde take a comprehensive approach to those suffering from Drug Addiction. We work with the Prison system to have our clients evaluated for Drug Treatment Programs, use Bail Hearings to release our clients to Recovery Houses, and help our clients enter many of the diversionary programs available, including Drug Court, Veteran’s Court, Youth Offender Programs, ARD Programs, SIP and RRRI programs. Our firm will attack the arrest, and find solutions for Treatment.

Specializing in DUI and Underage Defense in Chadds Ford

Chadds Ford is a very wealthy area south of West Chester, PA and about 20 minutes from our main office. Ryan Hyde Law is the leading criminal defense attorney in Chadds Ford defending against a variety of different crimes.

We can help you even if you have already paid the fine or been convicted of an underage drinking citation. You have thirty (30) days from the date your guilty plea or conviction have been recorded to appeal or throw out the conviction from a magisterial district judge by filing an appeal to the County Common Pleas Court.  There are even cases when more than thirty days have passed where an appeal can be heard.  If you have been found guilty of an Underage Drinking offense, and were not aware of the ramifications in Chester or Montgomery County, contact us to discuss your options for attacking the case.


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