Criminal Defense Attorney in Bensalem, PA

Bensalem is a township in bucks County with approximately 60,000 residents. The community is primarily Jewish which can be reflected in the architecture as well as the many places of worship around the community. Bensalem has a wide variety of attractions to visit such as the Parx Casino and Racetrack, Mission Center and National Shrine of St. Katharine Drexel, Mongkoltepmunee Buddhist Temple, Neshaminy Mall and the Philadelphia Gun Club.

Being such a large and populated township, Bensalem also has a lot of crime. This isn’t uncommon however. Ryan Hyde Law will defend the rights of the community of Bensalem ensuring that residents who have been accused of committing a crime receive a fair and just trial regardless of the crime committed.

Specializing in DUI and Underage Defense in Bensalem

A first offense DUI can carry up to a mandatory sentence of 72 hours in jail. Worse, it can result in a one year suspension of your driving privilege. These penalties can have a devastating affect on both your work and family commitments. Importantly as a first time offender the system you are likely eligible for the ARD program. ARD allows you to avoid jail and drastically shorten your suspension.

White collar criminal cases encompass a broad spectrum of criminal activity, often described as any non-violent crime committed in the workplace by professionals for personal financial gain.  While these alleged crimes are committed by professionals, the penalties are often more severe, including jail time and fines. Effective representation in these cases requires the retention of attorneys familiar with the nuances and defenses available to avoid prosecution and, where required, to defend against charges brought in these matters